J84 Washable Medical

Corded, Washable, Backlit Keyboard with Integrated Pointing Device, for Medical and Industrial Applications
Compact, Unique, Easy-to-Wipe Key-Top:
 No room for bacteria and infection traps - Easy-to-clean surface -  Integrated Pointing Device
 Prevents data from being sent while the keyboard is wiped down, allowing user to clean at any interval with minimal downtime -  User is notified of ‘lock down mode’ by brightly lit
Rugged and Fully Sealed: Completely sealed rubber top casing-NEMA 4 rating
 Suitable for rinsing with cleaning and disinfection fluids. Impervious to typical hospital cleaning solution Pre-tapped mounting holes for easy installation
 Selectable Backlit Key field 4-levels of brightness
Pointing Device:
 New Low power, sealed, optical pointing device offers high speed motion detection and no moving parts