Together with our sister company, Grove Gear, LEESON offers over 6,000 AC and DC stock motors, gearmotors, gear reducers and control solutions. All built for industrial use with the features you expect for new installation requirements and convenient replacement. Twenty-three stocking warehouses in the USA.

Electric motors are the workhorse of the industry. Many applications exist where more than one motor can be used or the exact replacement is not available. LEESON makes every effort to maximize interchangeability, mechanically and electrically, where compromise does not interfere with reliability and safety standards. If you are not certain of a replacement condition, contact any LEESON Sales Office or LEESON Authorized Distributor.
Identifying a motor for replacement purposes or specifying a motor for new applications can be done easily if the following information is known :
  • Nameplate Data
  • Motor Type
  • Mechanical Construction
  • Electrical and Performance Characteristics
Much of this information consists of standards defined by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). These standards are widely used throughout North America. In other parts of the world, the standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) are most often used.